Medusa Portable Steamer

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The Medusa Portable Steamer produce ionic water particles that penetrate the skin 10 times more effectively, increasing its moisturizing effect and opens your pores with ease. 

Using our steamer with our Medusa Kit is guaranteed to give you the most optimized skincare routine out there. 

3 minutes

3 steps 

Instant pore control. 

  1. Open the water tank by rotating the cover left

  2. Add water into the tank and close by rotating the cover right

  3. Slide the central panel down and start steaming ! 

One tool for everything 

Cleans your skin and makes it smoother  

Make your skin softer in preparation to use the Medusa Kit 

Opens your pores and make vacuuming blackheads easier 

Suitable for all ages 

You receive

1 x Medusa Portable Steamer 

1 x USB charging cable 

1 x Instruction card